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Location Of Choice – Quality Coffee Globally

While everyone can agree on the quality of coffee, there has been a lot of debate and controversy about where choice quality coffee comes from globally and which is the best coffee region overall. For proper clarification on this subject. We will turn our attention to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) for research.

This organization specializes in grouping an extensive variety of coffee. While the Arabica bean is considered to be premium, there are also the Robusta beans which are viewed as being not as good as coffee Arabica. These two broad groupings hold a lot of variety.


While there are a lot of facts when it comes to the location of choice quality coffee globally, it should be noted that the professional practice of coffee cupping has been very insightful.

Coffee cupping has revealed specific locations with choice quality coffee globally. Contained below are the choices of the best coffee region globally.


Ethiopian And Kenyan Region

The Ethiopian and Kenyan regions of Africa have a reputation as one of the best coffee regions in the world. The coffee beans from this region have been shown to have some of the best qualities in the areas of taste and smell. The Ethiopian coffee beans are believed to be premium coffee beans worldwide.


Ethiopian coffee beans are enjoyed in many local festivities and events. Ethiopian coffee beans are prepared and often served without any additives. The only thing that is added to Ethiopian coffee is sugar or salt.

There are many Ethiopian coffee brands in malls around. However, it is expected that they will be a lot more expensive than coffee made with other coffee beans.

When you consider the quality of Ethiopian coffee beans and their very engaging cultural relevance, you are not only intrigued by its gratifying taste but every other aspect of its adorable history.

One sip of Ethiopian coffee and you will come to the realization of why it is considered the best coffee region in the world.


Sumatran Coffee

The first thing that would appeal to you about the Sumatran coffee is its very inimitable flavor. The Indonesian coffee bean has a unique flavor that stands out from other coffee beans.

The flavor of the Sumatran coffee could be best described as somewhat medicinal. However, it should be pointed out that its taste is very gratifying.


The popularity of Sumatran coffee began when the traders in the Netherlands were trying to meet the rising demand for coffee in Europe.

In addition to its very inimitable last, the Sumatran coffee has a unique look too. The Sumatran coffee of Indonesia is shapeless with a green shade.


Sumatra coffee is widely pervasive and has a reputation for very minimal acidity in comparison with various coffee brands. The coffee bean is fortified with plenty of sun radiation and still has zero chemicals.

Kopi Luwak is a variation of the Indonesian coffee bean that is widely acclaimed for its miraculous processing method.


This coffee is actually ingested by small animals known as Luwak and the bean is then removed as waste. This bean is then picked up and roasted into the coffee bean. While very expensive, this coffee bean is considered particularly revolting to those that know about its process.

Sumatran coffee could either be processed through the wet or dry approach. The duality of its process techniques is one feature that makes Sumatran coffee widely accepted.


Sumatran coffee is accessible and available in some malls and it can be purchased online from certified merchants.

While you may be skeptical about the unique taste of Sumatran coffee, it should be noted that its flavor is very appealing and it may become your choice of coffee after a short while.


Panamanian Coffee

Panama is home to the leading coffee in the world. While this coffee is not cultivated in large quantities, it is notably the leading coffee globally.

Cultivated in Panama, it is speculated that the environmental conditions of the region are responsible for this coffee’s superiority. Panamanian coffee production is implemented on an estate basis.


Panamanian cultivation and processing of coffee involved three distinct procedures which begin with handpicking, washing, and drying. For improved efficiency of operations, the growers carry out their operations in collaboration with the locals.

This system has been very beneficial to many communities while fostering the bond between farmers and local people. To enjoy this beverage, all that is required is hot water from your coffee kettle for a tasty cup.


While the superior quality of Panamanian coffee has been under the radar for a long time, there are now many merchants that are aware of its premium quality that arguably surpasses the Arabica.

Presently, Panamanian coffee has become a leading coffee bean with many cuppings awards under its belt.

You can organize your own cupping event at home. All that is required is a coffee kettle to brew as many cups as you require.


While all of these coffee beans are widely acclaimed as the best coffee region beans globally, it is imperative that you try out an extensive variety of coffee beans as a coffee enthusiast.

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