How To Make The Best Tasting Instant Coffee

best tasting instant coffee

Making A Cup Of The Best Tasting Instant Coffee

It is nearly impossible to make mind-blowing coffee by just getting an electric coffee kettle and pouring hot water into instant coffee. For that premium taste, it is expected that the coffee comes in the whole bean.

However, there are ways to make the best tasting instant coffee following these simple steps below:


1. Purchase Premium Grade Coffee

The first line of action would be to purchase premium grade coffee. While this might mean that you will incur a little more expenses, you can be sure that it is a step in the right direction.

If an instant coffee brand is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be fantastic. So be ready to experiment with the different brands until you find the perfect one.


2. Importance Of Storage

Now that you have found there are many elements that can undermine the quality of the coffee. It is, therefore, imperative that you explore ways to keep coffee in a fantastic condition.

Typically a dry tightly closed container is sufficient to protect your coffee while preserving its nice taste. However, you must bear in mind that coffee is decayable and that its shelf life is not exactly very long.


3. Look For The Information On The Coffee Brand

When it comes to making a buying decision, it is often advisable that you get relevant information. One place where you can find relevant information about a product is on the packaging or wrapper of the product. More so, the information on the body of the product is also useful when trying to brew the coffee.

The manufacturers will offer specific information on how to make the coffee. This instruction should be followed when making coffee. Sadly, most people would never look at the information on the packaging.


4. Refine A Water

You cannot use colored and contaminated water to brew your coffee and expect it to have a nice taste. While your electric coffee kettle may do a great job in eliminating all of the germs, you can be sure that unrefined water would affect the taste of the coffee.

It is imperative that your water is purified, colorless, odorless, and tasteless. While this is a requirement for good taste, it is also a requirement for your health.


5. Use Fresh Water

There is an indication to use water that has been boiled and left alone for a while in your electric coffee kettle. This practice is not ideal and will jeopardize the quality of the coffee. It is expected that you constantly put fresh water in your electric coffee kettle when you want to brew a cup.


6. It Shouldn’t Be Over 100 Degrees

One big mistake that is made when making instant coffee is that people simply just pour 100-degree Celsius of boiling water into the cup. This is very wrong and would undermine the taste of the coffee.

It is expected that you leave the boiling water to simmer for a while before pouring it into the cup. Ideally, let the temperature drop to about 95 to 96-degree Celsius before brewing your cup.


7. Plenty Of Instant Coffee Is Required

One thing that could undermine the taste of your instant coffee brew is the amount of coffee that you put in the cup. Many people make the mistake of using less amount of coffee and this doesn’t work well for the taste. Adding more coffee until you get your desired taste is often recommended.


8. Apply The Right Technique

There is a standard technique when it comes to making the best tasting instant coffee and it is required that you pour a little water from your electric kettle into the cup of coffee powder. It is expected that you stir this into a thick dark syrup before adding more water.


9. Always Warm The Milk

While there has been a lot of debate about when the milk should be introduced into the coffee, the bottom line remains that warming your milk before adding is always the best. The same is applicable for those that love cream.


10. Relish Your Coffee

Once you have done everything listed above, it is time to take a long sniff and a longer sip of your fantastic, best-tasting instant coffee.

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