5 Fascinating Making Coffee Home Facts For Real Coffee Enthusiasts

making coffee home

The Beauty Of Making Coffee

Every coffee enthusiast is conversant with certain facts about coffee. How it is grown, the varieties of coffee that are available and efficient ways to brew it.

However, there are things that you may be oblivious to when it comes to making coffee at home. Contained below are five fascinating facts that coffee enthusiasts should be aware of.


1. Refrain From Storing Your Coffee Beans In A Fridge

While it may seem like a great idea to store your coffee in a fridge, it comes highly recommended that you refrain from making the mistake.

It is expected that your coffee is stored in places with ordinary room temperature. More importantly, it is highly recommended that the place choice storage location should be dry.

There are many elements that can undermine the quality of coffee beans after it has been roasted. Elements like light, heat humidity, and breeze are factors that you should avoid.

Consequently, a top-ware container or any other dry container with a tight lid is often the most preferred option.


If you are passionate about maintaining the quality of your coffee beans, it is advisable that the storage location should be free from humidity or wetness. More importantly, the coffee beans should not be exposed to the breeze.


2. Ensure You Get Whole Coffee Beans

It is imperative that you opt for whole coffee beans as these beans are newly processed and much more likely to remain ideal for consumption for a long time.

When it comes to getting whole coffee beans, the goal is to get a coffee with a long shelf life. It should be noted that the very minute coffee bean is grated, the decline in its quality commences.

Therefore, it is recommended that you get whole coffee beans as opposed to grated ones.

The process of gaining coffee beans for use is not stressful and the hassle is certainly worth the enjoyment you derive once you get your coffee kettle to make a tasty cup of quality coffee.


3. The Problems Of Grated Coffee

While the best option remains to have your coffee bean in the whole form until you want to brew a cup, the hassle of grating coffee beans can be daunting to some. In which case, you are left with the option of purchasing a blade grated coffee or a burr grated coffee.

It is advisable that you go for burr grated coffee. Most coffee enthusiasts are oblivious to the fact that burr coffee is actually much better than blade coffee grates.

Burr coffee does not interfere with the quality of the coffee flavor. It has been noted that the blade grating process has a damaging impact on a coffee bean that leaves it with a slightly unpleasant tang.


Burr grating delivers consistency and does not interfere with the quality and tang of the coffee. This makes burr much better than blade grated coffee. When you prepare your burr coffee with your boiling water from your coffee kettle, you can be sure a memorable treat.


4. Making Coffee Home With Refined Water And A Suitable Temperature

It should be noted that water is one of the major components of a coffee drink. When you consider this fact, it becomes imperative that you ensure that you use refined water when making a coffee at home.

Contaminated water is particularly unsuitable for brewing coffee as it will alter the taste and quality of the coffee. More importantly, using unrefined water puts you at risk of waterborne illnesses.

Another consideration that you should not trivialize is the fact that the water should not be under heated or excessively heated. Typically, the water should be around 95-degree Celsius to 96-degree Celsius.


In a case where you don’t have an instrument to measure the temperature simply wait for boiling point and wait for it to simmer briefly before pouring into your cup.


5. Purchase Newly Roasted Coffee Beans

It is no secret that coffee with the most impressive taste is those that are newly roasted. If you are wondering about how to get a newly roasted bean, you simply need to look at the manufacturing date of the coffee bean before you make a purchase in the mall.

It should be noted that coffee actually a decayable product that is liable to get spoilt. While you may be oblivious to the difference between a newly roasted bean and one that has been around for a long time, you only need to ensure you get a newly baked coffee bean and brew it for a change.

Making a coffee at home is fun and easy as well as it provides you with the ability to brew that perfect cup of coffee by yourself!

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